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Artist Talks
and Speakers

Paper Presenters

* Julie Watkins - Paper: "Extended senses: unfolding space"

* Carl Hayden Smith and Roseanne Wakely - Paper: "Umwelt Hacking: Can we sense like a forest, a mycellium network or an octopus to achieve interbeing?"

* Maria Jose Rios Araya - Paper: "Cognitive and situated skins: About Triptych and TTT"


* Danielle Roberts and Alwin de Rooij - Paper: "Exploring Embodied Interaction to Support Self-Transcendence in the Art Installation 'Magic Tea'"


* Anastasia Pistofidou, Ricardo O' Nascimento and Saskia Katarzyna Helinska - Paper: "Crafting Sensations: an exploration of digital fabrication methods applied to inflatable actuators for embodied interaction"

* Allison Wist and Lisa Schonberg - Paper: "Sensory Kinship for the Third Kind"

* Ilze Briede - Paper: "When Hearts Speak"

* Allison Wist - Paper: "A Scale that Embodies Us"

* Emily Kirwan - Paper: "Performer/Audience Experience, Performer Perception, and Audience Immersion"

* Olive Gingrich, Evgenia Emets, Alain Renaud, and David Negrao - Paper: "KIMA Voice: The Human Voice as facilitator for experience of embodiment"

* Steve Gibson - Paper: "Gestural Interaction Commonalities in Body-Based Performance"

* Damian Walker - Paper: "Extending the Narrative Sense Through Mixed Reality Games"

* Denise Doyle - Paper: "BeAnotherLab Collective and the development of Empathic Embodied Practices between Art and Science"

* Noah Miller, John Desnoyers-Stewart, Ekaterina R. Stepanova, Jim Bizzocchi, Bernhard Riecke, Reese Muntean and Alex Kitson - Paper: "Sipping the Virtual Elixir: An Autoethnographic Close Reading of the Design for a Self-Transcendent Experience in Ayahuasca VR"

Artist Talks

* Stacey Pitsillides, Tadej Vindiš and Ghislaine Boddington - Title and Paper "Donate Yourself: an XR trail exploring the future of organ, tissue and body data donation"

* Alexandros Spyrou - Title: "The effectiveness of vibrotactile sensor technology in the creation of an augmented reality sonic experience"

* Kerryn Wise and Ben Neal - Title: "Perceiving Facades" - about the concepts of isolation, control, digitisation, human behaviour and psychology concerning Virtual Reality

* Eirini Lampiri and Julia Ronneberger - Title: "Cognition - A Prototype Virtual Reality Experience Introducing Haptic Freedom and Cinematic Techniques in Immersive Storytelling"

* Antony Nevin - Title: "Machine discrimination and the shape of Breath" on AI and the subtle energies of breath as a form of touch, used to materialise the differences between human and machine speech

* Victor Evink and Emilia Tapprest - Title: "Embodied Protocols" - talk with screening of fiction short 'The Grid' (2021)on a globally scattered network of micro-societies in 2041

* Byron Rich - Title:"The Suburbs of Accra: e-waste as Neocolonial Violence"

* Ari Peralta - Title: "Sensory Enrichment: A New Paradigm in Wellness Design"

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