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PhD Student/Early Career Researcher /Artist Workshop


Rather than asking participants to lead a workshop, the Postgraduate Student and Early Career Artist Research Workshop provides a forum within which to workshop developing ideas.


The Research Workshop is therefore an opportunity for students and artists to present their research and share work in progress in an informal and supportive setting.

Each Early Career Researcher or PhD student will a 10-minute presentation (in a 15-minute slot) on your ideas, plans or initial results of your practice or research (with a few minutes for questions and discussion) and will be given constructive feedback and time for discussion with academics and established artists who are present.

All Early Career Researchers or PhD students who are not presenting are encouraged to attend as well.

Early Career Researchers & PhD Student Presentations / Demos

* Aaron Juarez - Artifacts of Spacetime - Glitch Artists Collective


* Caitlin Maxwell Hughan - Can craft be digital? 


* Laura Loonstein - Movement Art - VR meets Dragon Staff


* Joanne Mills - From A-Wakening to the Lull: (Re)Imagining Immersion Through the Virtual 


* Nigel Guerin-Garnett - Towards Symbiotic A.I. Integration: A Choreographic System Design 


* Ksenia Germanovich - Journeys to cloth: a generative co-design approach to textile outcomes

* Mitchell Wilson and Lilly Parr - Embodying Affect: Recognising Augmented Reality

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