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Academic Papers, Artist Talks and Panels


Papers will be presented in 20-minute slots (with 15 minutes allocated for the talk itself) and will be associated with a publication of either a 1-3 page “short” paper or 4-8 page “long” in the proceedings. Authors will be asked to submit finalised papers at a later date. In addition to the paper proceedings, a selection of papers will be chosen for a special issue publication of the journal Virtual Creativity.


Artist Talks will also be presented in 20-minute slots and may be in conjunction with an installation or performance work. If an artist talk is conjoined with a submitted artwork, please submit separate proposals for each.

Panel session will consist of two or more panel members who each make brief presentations or statements, followed by a discussion with the audience. Panel sessions last 30 minutes with an optional associated short or long paper in the proceedings. 

[Guidelines & deadlines]

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