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Installation Artworks and Performances


Installation artworks and performance proposals are encouraged for inclusion in the symposium’s exhibition space. This parallel exhibition will run from the night of Wednesday, September 7th, until Saturday, September 10th at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery and adjoining project space. Proposals for artworks should be a summary of the work’s concept and necessary installation requirements. A more detailed installation plan will be requested at a later date.




Demonstrations will be presented in 10 or 20 minute slots or in combination with a paper in a 30-minute slot. Proposals can be submitted as a summary proposal. We will not expect detailed demo requirements until nearer the conference, to allow time for development. For publication, you will be able to provide a 1-3 page “short” paper describing the demonstration if not associated with a long paper. You will also be invited to document the demonstration for the post-event digital archive.

Please note: Proposals for Installation Artworks, Performances or Demonstrations can be submitted using the "paper" upload folder of the EasyChair submission feature. Please include relevant images and links for your proposal within this PDF file.

Artists from the above categories will be given the opportunity to submit documentation of their work for its considered inclusion in the post-event, online gallery, which will function as a digital repository for the symposium. A post-event archive may also be made in the form of a printed exhibition catalogue, for which artists will also be asked to submit documentation of their work for consideration.

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