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Extended Senses
& Embodying Technology
Symposium 2022

University for the Creative Arts
University of Greenwich

In Partnership

08/09/22          09/09/22        10/09/22

This symposium comes out of a collaboration between the X10DD Senses Laboratory research group at the University for the Creative Arts and the School of Design at the University of Greenwich.

It is co-chaired by Professor of Interactive and Immersive Arts Camille Baker and Reader in Digital Immersion Ghislaine Boddington.

This inter-disciplinary Symposium and Exhibition bring together practice-led research from the cultural and creative industries sectors to explore ways of extending and expanding the body through new and emerging modalities and technologies, but with the body as the primary site of knowledge production. 


This event features a network gathering of artists, creative industry experts and academics investigating and exchanging knowledge on the current state of the intersection between our embodiment, our senses and the technologies of today. 


It will also feature a postgraduate student and early career researcher / practice-based artist workshop, as an opportunity for those individuals to present their research and share work in progress in an informal and supportive setting.


Running alongside the Symposium in the Stephen Lawrence Gallery and Project Space we present the Extended Senses Exhibition, showcasing a range of diverse innovative creative works emerging from within this crossover, focussing primarily on our living bodies as the key site of knowledge production. Explorations within immersion, haptic engagement and body interfacing are included, showing key methodologies for our future understanding of the hybrid blending of the virtual and the physical. 


Artworks include interactive installations, VR and AR experiences, digital video, animation, films and an online performance, together creating innovative interactions of the body with sound, light and image.

Symposium Themes:

  • Bodily Interaction: Movement, Gesture and Touch

  • Urgent issues that affect the body

  • Women’s health and equality

  • Embodying & Expanding Beyond the Skin: Bodies and Consciousness

  • Human-Machine: Ecologies, Cognition and Collaboration

  • Interfaces: Multimodal, Haptic, Textiles and Sensing

  • Real to Virtual: Immersion and the Metaverse

  • Personal data ownership, Surveillance and Privacy

  • Human Responsibility and, Data ethics, Design Ethics

  • Sustainability: Social, Ethical and Environmental

  • The climate crisis and environmental sustainability

Information on the co-chairs and organisations involved in Extended Senses 2022 can be found using the following links:


[Camille Baker's UCA research profile]

[Camille Baker's external website]

[X10DD Senses Laboratory UCA Research Group]

[Ghislaine Boddington's University of Greenwich research profile]

[Ghislaine Boddington's external website]

[School of Design at the University of Greenwich]

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