Extended Senses
& Embodying Technology
Symposium 2022

University for the Creative Arts
University of Greenwich

In Partnership

08/09/22               09/09/22

This symposium comes out of a collaboration between the X10DD Senses Laboratory research group at the University for the Creative Arts and the School of Design at the University of Greenwich.

It is chaired by Professor of Interactive and Immersive Arts Camille Baker and Reader in Digital Immersion Ghislaine Boddington.


Information on the co-chairs and organisations 

involved in Extended Senses 2022 can be found

using the following links:


[Camille Baker's UCA research profile]

[Camille Baker's external website]

[Ghislaine Boddington's University of Greenwich research profile]

[Ghislaine Boddington's external website]

[School of Design at the University of Greenwich]

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